Top 6 Lead Generation Trends To Follow In 2020

Lead generation serves a significant role in every business ‘ success, as this is the early phase in the sales funnel. Lead generation can seem confusing and complicated with so many various options. But it doesn’t have to be!

We ‘re here to give you a deeper understanding of this principle marketing practice, and how it can be used to connect with your prospects more effectively.

First of all, you need to know that a lead refers to any individual or company presumably interested in your product or service. Leads that first show interest are called acquired or warm leads, whereas leads that have no previous market experience or business knowledge are called sourced, or cold leads.

Lead generation marketing is the first crucial step in the sales funnel, with a focus on sourcing prospect information and assigning respective priority levels. It encompasses all the various strategies that lead to convincing willingly passing on their information.

More and more focus is rightly being put on innovating and incentivizing such that potential buyers genuinely want to have more details in touch. Then, after you’ve finished collecting, ranking, checking and enriching leads, the development of marketing communication and nurturing begins.

Let’s move onto the year’s leading marketing trends in the lead generation that, if borrowed, might just lead to an improved conversion level  you have been looking for in 2020:

1. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is on the exponential rise via the use of chatbots. Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence which can be configured to interact with clients. By 2018, the Facebook Chatbot network alone had more than 300,000 bots built.

People crave prompt answers to their questions and chatbots can be automated in real-time to greet and guide leads. This is a great advancement because reacting to a new lead inside five minutes is utterly crucial according to a 2019 lead response report. Yet, only 7% of companies engage in this time frame.

When it comes to gathering lead data, chatbots are a wonderful resource, whether it’s email addresses, names, contact info, individual style choices, responses, you name it. All pieces of information related to your chatbot during a conversation can be processed and used for future lead scoring.

And if you’ve already set up a Facebook page for your company, messenger chatbots are a valuable resource you may want to try as a trial-run first. They are open, need zero coding expertise and make clients feel more relaxed as they are personalized to their preferences.

Always strive to optimize the ability for enhancing lead while still wisely automating it. Website bots are getting an extremely bad rep for spamming visitors with updates as soon as they land on a website. So don’t be that bot – it’s a sure-fire way to lose interest in a lead. Aspire for helpfulness, not madness.

2. Voice and Search Marketing

A new study by MarketWatch estimated approximately 66.4 million owners of smart speakers in the U.S. and 133 million worldwide. Voice search is also among the top available search methods. It’s no wonder companies were trying to improve their websites and speech search content.

Your Web content needs to become more conversational to generate more leads. You will need to concentrate on phrases which suit the language of your target audience. Speech analysis tools such as Question Analyzer by BuzzSumo will come here in handy. It can be used to find popular questions across multiple fora and Q&A sites. To identify some common ways your audience articulates their searches, these can prove helpful.

3. Marketing Of Video Content

According to HubSpot, the trend in video marketing has grown in 2019, with 81 percent of businesses using video as a marketing tool. This is a marked increase of 18 percent from the estimates of the previous year.

Webinars, webcasts, demos, live streams and short website and social media informational videos are on the rise. You ask, why the sudden shift to video? Well, the fact of the matter is that most consumers prefer to read video content. So, by using creative videos that tap into human psychology, you are far more likely to engage, impress and convert your leads.

This blog post gives you a great insight into how videos can boost your efforts to generate leads. They are really effective tools to develop your trust and authority, just remember to configure a form of lead generation to get the most out of that.

This blog post would give you a great insight into how videos can boost your efforts to generate leads. They are really effective tools to develop your trust and authority, just remember to configure a form of lead generation to get the most out of that.

4. Marketing Advertisements On Facebook

The addiction of people to scrolling over social media shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, there were an estimated 2.41 billion active monthly users on Facebook as of August 2019.

For any social media marketing strategy, Facebook lead ads are a must, and an excellent way to generate qualified leads for your business, especially through mobile devices. Prospects can easily tap the customized ad of your business and a form with their Facebook contact information already pre-populated will pop up. All they need to do is agree to share their details on your ad, in return for the information they want.

And voila, a new, eligible lead is generated which can be directly synchronized with your current Customer Relationship Management software. It’s targeting skills, perfect page placement and an ability to make Facebook Advertising a lead generation dream come true with a variety of calls to action.


Converting leads to customers and creating meaningful content are major mountains to be climbed by marketers. Yet it takes the cake to produce high-quality leads.

Marketing trends of lead generation come and go. What will keep you ahead of the game is your ability and willingness to go with the flow, evolve, upgrade and always work hard to enhance your lead generating efforts and activities.

Happy lead generation!