Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies to Try Out In 2020

Everyone needs customers whether you own a large business or any small shop. Now, do we just need to start the business and the customers should start pouring in? Not so. Now, this is where the strategies of the Lead generation come into the picture. According to the B2B Technology Marketing Community, 61 per cent of B2B marketers are of the opinion that the category of their greatest challenges is to deliver top-quality leads. Your company needs to increase its exposure to potential new customers and customers for growth.

Don’t skip these 5 Lead Generation Strategies that will help you in 2020

1. Content Marketing

The content-based B2B lead generation strategies allow you to increase your search engine presence as long as your content remains optimized. The more content of top quality is created, the more you’ll be recognized by search engines. Also, please note that as per Marketo, more than 65 percent of B2B companies use planned landing pages to acquire leads. If you want to stick to the same approach that works well for the other or you’re the opposite marketer, a successful content marketing strategy requires a degree of creativity and variety to understand where the best chances of growth are for the business.

Search engines give priority to sites that clearly and quickly help address queries. For example, if you produce the blog post that offers what, who, why, and were from something your business is a professional, you ‘re going to reap the awards by getting a good search rank. Experience uncommon and common strategies, then. Regardless of what you use, i.e. blogging, microsites, infographics, or research reports, the crucial thing is to check what does not work and to slowly refine the generation of lead over time

2. Offer Better Deals

If you’re not one of the biggest marketers there’s plenty of space for conversion rate improvements. Giving better deals is one special way for the B2B lead generation. It makes much more sense than using what the other typical run-of-the-mill organizations do, i.e., changing font type, colour buttons and spacing etc.

Each software company provides you with the free trial so you just have to think about what your company has to offer, which is compelling, unique and gives a visitor real value? In addition, if your conversion rates are 2 per cent or even lower than that, you should try something drastic like changing the big-time offer. It’s important to keep in mind that small optimizations will yield small results

3. Learn SEO

In fact, as less than 10 percent of search users visit the first page of the search results while searching for the information. This makes it impossible for any company to get the website across potential leads, regardless of how insightful or well-designed it is. This is where SEO i.e., Search Engine Optimization comes into the picture as it is an exceptional Online Lead Generation strategy.

SEO can sound like a mystery to all but the most tech-savvy business owners, but the core concepts of visibility of the search engine can be as much as 3 easy-to-understand ideas like

  • Give responses to FAQs
  • Provide information on efficiency
  • Ensure the writing is concise and clear

Generally speaking, it puts the website in the perfect position to get the first page of results on that. Learning the best SEO practices by yourself is free, but in the event that your company is in a specific competitive market, you should invest in consulting with SEO professionals as it could add value to the lead generation strategies

4. Add Live Chat feature

One of the big methods for producing lead online is adding the live chat function to the website. In addition, live chat can be an amazing lead generation strategy for stimulating interest from new customers, as well as promoting repeat business by being accessible in real-time. The live chat functions allow site visitors to reach out directly to the agents without having to make a phone call or write an email.

Marketing Donut’s recent report states that 63 percent of customers who ask for information about a company today will not buy for at least 3 months. New customers profit from being able to ask questions whenever they want, and then you can reach out personally to help close the new sales and answer questions afterwards. The little contact in this case, like the “Talk Now” click! “It can be of great help in building relationships with new leaders and customers on the company website.

5. Design and maintain the modern website

There is no way you can afford a business website which is incompetent. The site that offers visitors a clear what, who, why and where is the best asset for you behind your business and it is just like the digital company card. Do you know that, according to the B2B Technology Marketing Community, increasing quality leads remains the top priority for more than 65% of B2B experts, followed by increasing lead volumes. 

Whether you opt for outbound or inbound marketing, they both are not time-consuming or expensive. There is no need for you to know the line of code for creating an expert website through the site builders today. Gone are those days when sexy websites should only target the digitally-focused media companies, tech organizations and businesses.

So, happy lead generation mates!