Top 4 B2B Lead Generation Trends to Consider For 2020

If you look back at marketing the past decade, you will get an image of how quickly things are progressing these days. Trends have come and gone, some have transformed the way works of lead generation (e.g.: automation) and others have flopped harder than Google Glass (remember the revolution of beacons?).

My favourite thing about trends is how many of them are doomed to fail, and I think I’ve developed a pretty good eye to spot those who will stick around – though I’m not sure it’s all that tricky.

So, in this post, I ‘m looking at developments in lead generation that matter in 2020 and I guarantee there is no talk of this being the year of voice quest, VR marketing or chatbots (again).

Which Lead Generation Trends Would Play Crucial Roles In 2020?


Experts predict that the use of videos will be one of the biggest trends for 2020, so your content marketing strategy needs to include them to make sure you don’t get left behind. Buyers want to be able to quickly and easily access information which can be achieved easily with videos. Then you will make a video of your team members addressing them and telling the selling team the top questions that are frequently posed. These videos can be posted on the product, service pages, blog posts, included in email marketing and may even be transformed into posts on social media. Although videos aren’t a recent phenomenon, videos are transforming the way people get feedback from them.

Social Media

It’s vitally important to get traffic to your site, which means you have to be active on all your channels including blogs, web pages and other social media platforms if you want to boost your productivity and business growth. Have a variety of different social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and create specific social posts for your target audience, including videos.

LinkedIn is a popular news lead channel and 2020 is expected to see more and more organizations use this platform. Many companies use the channel because it’s highly focused and productive.


Two of the key drivers of B2B lead generation are SEO and email marketing, which has managed to remain at the top and will remain so in 2020. Email marketing has grown to be much more focused, appropriate and customized, and in the next year, this is likely to continue to grow. Renowned as the most important traffic source for B2B companies, SEO has also grown significantly and will remain important as a strategy for long-term lead generation.

SEO-focused content makes it more competitive and lets the platform perform in various search engines because it’s an easy way to get leads from B2B. That is going to be a trend to look out for in 2020.

AI Lead Generation 

There’s a great possibility artificial intelligence would help if you’re trying to successfully generate, qualify and/or convert leads.

AI excels in extracting data from the marketing and sales data concerning leads. Many AI-powered platforms use the data to inform you all about clients and opportunities. Others use it to look for new prospects or to recommend which one leads to pursue next.

Today, many forward-thinking marketers and salespeople use AI tools to generate, qualify and convert leads. Leadscribe is one of the efficient and advanced lead generation platforms which enables the users to avail high-quality leads within a short period. 

The AI-backed functioning of the platform intelligently extracts and qualifies high-quality leads with great accuracy and efficiency. The seasoned marketing crew and skilled professionals are other advantages of this platform.

More perks of AI-Lead Generation

  • Better understand and predict consumer behaviour
  • Generate more leads
  • Convert more leads into sales
  • Build a better pipeline
  • High productivity with a pocket-friendly marketing budget

Wrapping Up

If your marketing funnel campaigns nurture leads through the buying journey, now is the time to start maximizing repeat purchases and lifetime value for the customer. This is the year to get to become the brand that you want to be for the next decade or more.

As we discussed, there are some different trends in the B2B lead generation to watch out for this year to keep ahead of the competition in 2020. Keep up to date, so you don’t get left behind!