Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021

Trends in digital marketing are relatively close to the fashion world, where the runway is dominated by new trends every new season. But a trend pops up every once in awhile that sticks around longer than expected. It is 2020 already, and if you do not tighten your belts and take it seriously this year, then in the competitive race, you will undoubtedly fall behind.

By 2021, worldwide digital ad spending is expected to reach $375 billion, according to eMarketer.

That is a huge statistic! Let us take a look at some of the trends in digital marketing that will not go anywhere.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends Of 2020

1. ChatBots

Robots are the future, but they are not too far away, it seems. Marketing chatbots are not actual robots, but they are as similar to a virtual concierge as you can get. They are a specific form of software that interacts and helps users accomplish those objectives. By interacting via chatboxes on web pages, they function. They are mostly text-based, but it can be amusing to chat to some audio versions.

Customer support is one of the significant areas where they shine. Websites like Facebook enjoy them because they can handle essential Q&A functions. A user will ask a particular query, and if the bot has the response in its database, it will do its best to answer it. In general fundamental problems remain. Issues such as the weather and the website’s necessary information are the most prevalent concerns.

2. Personalized Emails

Others barely remember a solitary e-mail. It may seem to be an old-fashioned form of communication, but online marketers know better. E-mails are still incredibly common and beneficial contact platforms, and when it comes to digital marketing, they should not be overlooked. Whether we like it or not, e-mails are here to stay.

From generic email marketing advertising to more personalized individual content, there has been a massive change. Automation helps you to meet a broad audience individually, without breaking a sweat. Users’ browsing history is an essential tool that lets you select which product form you will try to advertise. The reason e-mail is so important is that it works to sell a product as a final step.

3. Content Marketing

To draw customers to your website, quality content will function like a real magnet. Whether or not this quality material is that advertising is really of no concern. For those wishing to sell something on the Internet, content marketing remains a top priority. The content marketing standard has always been significant, but some modifications have been made so far.

Consumers are becoming more aware of commercials’ presence in their food, and they are discouraged from purchasing items. Content marketing is a way to make individuals ignore the video or article ad aspect while encouraging them to make a purchase. For high-quality content, having a deep, sophisticated understanding of your target audience is essential. This will allow you to target your specific audience, specifically leading to a more effective digital marketing strategy. To achieve optimum results for your new content, you will need some quality content creators and influencers.

4. Voice Search

Voice recognition tech is getting better every day and is making its way to our homes. You can ask a smart speaker to order things online or even monitor other smart devices in your home remotely through verbal commands. Voice commands are also potential marketing and advertisement goldmine.

For instance, letting prospects use their voice makes it easier to browse for items and purchase them.

Launched a few years ago, products like the Amazon Echo are becoming a household commodity that can serve as an ideal marketing tool. Why are these helpful speakers and virtual assistants? People usually go to particular websites when they want to get something from far away shipped to them. You can ask your virtual assistant app if there is anything nearby if you’re going to shop locally.

The way you speak also impacts the way your marketing campaign is put together. Voice is genuinely more conversational than typing, which is why you should focus on matching the content of your website in the same way.

5. Influencers in Social Media

Looking at the big picture is fantastic, but sometimes you have to worry about the microphone. A successful way to publicize them has always been to get people to support goods. Today’s famous people and celebrities will serve as influencers that in no time can carry your product to prominence.

Consider building a small team of influencers to spread the word about the product. Influencers who are less well-known have their benefits. They cost less to recruit, but they also have a different effect on the target audience. To individuals who are used to seeing this sort of thing, celebrity endorsements can sound superficial and fake.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is among the best-emerging innovations, but the future could be nearer than you think. So far, we have seen AI grow to do many activities in digital marketing. The way you put it to work with your portfolio depends on your priorities and platforms.

You are probably slipping behind the curve if you have not started collaborating with digital marketing teams using AI.

For product suggestions, a large portion of marketers use AI, and its use in campaign optimization should not be ignored either.

Maybe you wonder how those targets have been achieved by artificial intelligence? The primary tactic used by advertisers is personalization. AI can now quickly deliver targeted advertising advertisements on websites in real-time.

7. Private Messaging App

Many businesses will continue to turn their attention to making better use of private messaging apps as 2020 has begun. Smartphone apps have already become widely popular, such as WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat. Cutting-edge firms are taking advantage of both smartphone apps and private chat groups instead of using passwords.

Major brands are now undertaking trials to monetize messaging apps so that clients can pay directly through messaging apps for goods. Sending and receiving money would be much smoother.

Making online payments more straightforward, some applications such as WeChat Pay have already made considerable progress; WeChat, Venmo, and PayPal users are already getting used to these apps.

8. Video Advertising

Videos are becoming a digital marketing specialist’s most precious product available. Platforms like Twitter, Netflix, and Facebook Live are giants of the industry, growing even more slowly. Content marketing that people used to watch on television is now projected into their phones with a button click.

This suggests that the focus is shifting quickly as well. It is estimated that videos will serve about eighty percent of all internet traffic in a few years. The real question is, why do you have to wait? It is best to use this growing trend, while it is still rising, to the maximum level right now. It is only natural that video advertising can also be shown because audiences spend so much of their time watching videos. A formula for more significant revenue is catering to that medium. Creativity is the slogan of video advertising. Right now, random, momentary clips are where they are.

9. Marketing Omnichannel

Customers are more educated than ever with the advent of the Internet. They would look for more details on just about every possible platform before purchasing something. That is why it is essential to have all your bases covered. For instance, through Twitter or Facebook, potential prospects can be introduced to your company.

And when they communicate with you on a different platform, Omnichannel marketing often helps you keep track of prospective customers’ experiences. You offer the appearance of paying attention to the information in this way. On both other websites and e-mails, the interaction can start with social media, from which you obtain the necessary information to send the individual more targeted ads.

10. Faster Mobile Pages

Mobile phones may be the most effective digital marketing tool nowadays. It is estimated that approximately 60% of search engine traffic passing via Google is done through mobile phones. Their load times can increase dramatically, with websites becoming more and more populated.

Higher load times lead to higher bounce times, which would lead to a lower ranking for Google. Google has started the AMP project to address this. In five seconds, pages that come under accelerated mobile pages load within zero stage, making them speedy websites, allowing them to get a high ranking from Google.

The increased ranking provides your website with a guaranteed rise in local SEO. Most social media ad views and profits are represented by mobile phones, making them a target for marketing experts.


There is no response to the fact that digital marketing patterns are not the most specific items to predict. Times have altered. Getting a catchy slogan and a strong logo alone will not do the job. You have got to think of digital marketing as a chess game. Think of three steps ahead, and you will still be ahead of the competition. If you are looking for some advice on your digital marketing activities, it is recommended that you select a reputable digital marketing agency. Remember that your competitors are always trying to cash in on the latest marketing trends, so stay updated and work to improve your marketing plan.