The world is exhausted from the impact of the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak, which was previously recognized as the Wuhan virus less than two months earlier. Spread across 150 countries, it has now caused more than 7,500 deaths and infected another 189,000.


The death toll has passed huge numbers in the US with 50 states reporting novel virus cases. Reports of death have been coming from 18 different countries. Many health systems’ grim report is that the epidemic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


In unusual circumstances like these, when both human lives and the entire global economic state have been compromised by the coronavirus, an existing unfortunate fact is that there are no conclusive estimates on the longevity of this pandemic. Because of the suspension of traditional, in-person activities, a large number of firms continue to struggle in terms of meeting their lead generation targets.


However, whilst all of this prevails, here’s a list of suggestions to help companies adapt and adjust to the startling transformation in just a few days and the improvement in demand.




It’s time to go through your marketing segments again. Keeping in mind the change in the needs of your audience, the pain points, and the new work-from-home dynamics, you should be offering a relevant solution for your newly established intent data to maximize lead generation.




It is vital to note that not only are your target audience evolving, but so are your organization’s internal dynamics. Hence, it is necessary to realise to remote operations by developing solid processes that act as alternatives to your traditional office settings. Form bridges, make goals more transparent than ever before and maintain stringent guidelines for everyone to follow from their respective settings. In addition, increasing communication among team members by conducting regular video meetings to effectively propel the operations and achieve maximum results.




Considering that your clients are working from home as well as prospects, this reinforces the fact that they are more likely to spend immense time in front of their screens. So to increase your response time, you’ll need to reshape your tactics to distribute much of your budget on digital borders and use virtual substitutes to generate demand.


In doing so, several market leaders have chosen to explore and adapt to the following digital experiences in order to engage with their audiences while adhering to all health measures, and yet not being constrained by the global crisis. The most common activities follow suit:




  • Right Digital Content Creation



As stated earlier, it is essential to revise the profiles of your target customers in terms of providing them with information and solutions they are looking for. Since staying at home is the new standard, if only you were present in their homes, prospects would be able to communicate with you, through their screens, offering enhanced alternatives to match their prevailing needs.



  • Start Hosting Virtual Events


The virtual events world is much bigger than it would seem. So replace postponed or cancelled activities with virtual events instead of weeping over spilt milk, and make all your programs available digitally. Click on the Step-by-Step Guide to move your event online to make a smooth transformation today.


Furthermore, the good news is, irrespective of the industry to which you belong, or the size of your business, attracting, engaging and transforming global prospects with virtual events is simpler and more fruitful. Below is a list of popular virtual solutions you can take advantage of while you’re at home:



  • Start Delivering Webinars


Webinars have known to be one of the best practices used to address the general public and to educate them in a single go about your product/service. Engaging your audience with an engaging Q&A session at the end of could webinar will allow you to understand some vulnerabilities, and solve current collective impact problems.



  •  Video Calls For Sales Increase


Although social distancing hinders both frequent one-to-one and one-to-many physical meetings between sales teams and their customers, the same results can be achieved through video calls.


Set up meetings using effective online tools like Skype and Zoom to bring in more business and continue to ‘remotely’ build similar relationships.


  • Set Up An Marketplace Online & Adapt To Cost-effective Online Lead Generation  Platforms


Once you’ve started to act the game of the lead generation, it’s now time to convert them into sales while your leads are warm. Creating an eCommerce site helps you to present goods and services to customers within their homes, speeding up buying decisions and improving conversion rates. Also, try shifting focus to online lead generation backed with the efficiency of AI and advanced machine learning algorithms to feed high quality leads with minimum budget spent. Leadscribe’s advanced and popular lead and lead generation process are well spread across the B2B and B2C communities throughout the world.


Wrapping Up


A lot of entities around the globe have been unable to sustain themselves and adapt to the changing environment with more panic than reasoning. On the other hand, revising strategies and reallocating resources to direct efforts toward valuable alternatives and using online tools to maintain and multiply lead generation has become increasingly necessary.

In the aftermath of the virus epidemic, new doors have opened up for email marketers. Customize your emails and use PR to increase customer loyalty and commitment, as other forms of advertising such as telemarketing take a back seat. We hope the Coronavirus will soon pass with an impact which will be greatly reduced as much as possible.