5 Smart & Easy Ways to Generate More Leads From Social Media in 2021

Social media allows businesses to convert customers, engage audiences, and generate more leads. In 2021, learn how to stand out on social media. Since social media bridges the gap between leisure activities and business, brands have been seeking to conceal and bridge the gap between social “engagement” and “lead generation” with excitement. The now-complete expansion of social media to all business forms has changed the way consumers see businesses. Also prompting many marketers to abandon their playbooks and begin studying consumers from scratch!

One of the most pressing difficulties in conveying corporate messaging in a humanized manner that isn’t overly “salesy.” In general, most users do not log into their social network accounts to hear obvious sales pitches.

By improving engagement and interaction with your target group on social media, you may balance your material appropriately, especially if you can generate contextual content that appeals to your audience’s current interests. However, this may not always be viable in B2B niches with less data on various customer categories.

The remedy is to obtain auxiliary data about targeted persons via social media, such as self-posted personal information and relationships such as friendships, work associations, and familial connections.

When used appropriately, the Big Three platforms — Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter — can do wonders for businesses to engage and connect with new and existing customers while keeping prices down.

According to the 2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report published by Social Media Examiner, more than two-thirds of marketers questioned saw significant benefits in lead generation while investing as little as six hours per week on social media.

In this piece, we’ll show you how, given the differences in their UX, user composition, and purpose, you can transform multiple social media sites into potent lead generation centers. We’ll also look at how marketers can use key elements of these social networks to drive more leads and prospects into their funnels and nurture them.

5 Best Practices to Generate More Leads From Social Media are;

  • Using Facebook ads to convert customers.
  • Posting Facebook videos to reach the most consumers possible
  • Begining to use TikTok ads to engage a younger audience
  • Creating long-form content on LinkedIn
  • Using Twitter Cards to stand out on Twitter

1. Convert Customers Using Facebook Ads

Social media marketing/advertising is one of the most effective marketing methods ever, second only to email marketing effectiveness.

Facebook is unquestionably the king of the social media jungle. With about two and a half billion monthly active users (MAUs), it’s the ideal starting point for any brand, whether B2B, or B2C.

However, Facebook’s former slogan “It’s free and always will be” only ever applied to users, not businesses. As a result, the algorithm has made it tough to achieve a large organic reach. Indeed, organic reach (affecting publishers and brands), as high as 16 percent in 2012, fell by 52 percent in 2016 and another 20 percent in 2017, eventually falling to less than 2 percent in 2018.

As a result, generating leads through Facebook will almost certainly include paid advertisements. Facebook is still the social media king, and businesses should use Facebook advertising to convert leads.

2. Share videos to reach as many people as possible.

Video has been shown repeatedly to be the most successful medium for reaching a bigger audience: videos have an organic reach of 8.7 percent compared to 5.8 percent for a status, 5.3 percent for a link, and 3.7 percent for a photo.

Furthermore, Facebook videos increasingly outperform other platforms regarding reach and engagement. Therefore, including video in your Facebook posts is an effective way to explain your value proposition while envisioning how your business works.

Peloton Cycles makes excellent use of this by producing engaging, relatable videos — incorporating yoga, music, and jogging — which individuals interested in fitness may identify. For example, one of its early videos had 7 million views when fewer than 250,000 followers.

Their highest engagement rate ever was achieved as a result of the video.

Publishing Facebook videos, both live and on your feed, will reach more people than simply posting an image or a status update.

3. Start Using TikTok Ads to Reach a Younger Audience.

TikTok, for the uninformed, is Facebook videos, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube combined – on steroids. It allows users to rapidly create short films and sync them to soundtracks or music snippets.

TikTok now has a billion and a half users, with downloads outnumbering every other social app on the Play Store. Even though more than two-thirds of its demographic is currently under the age of 30, there’s no reason for serious brands to ignore it because in-app spending is more than $18 million per month.

So, how can businesses use this “fun-driven” platform to generate leads? B2B leads necessitate a very different approach to capturing and nurturing than B2C ones. The easiest and smartest way to reach out to targeted consumers on TikTok is to base your marketing plan on the platform’s Ads.

  • TikTok advertising entails a complicated combination of several tactics derived mostly from retail:
  • Begin with videos that explain the story of your brand. Then, allow the brand personality to shine through and stress how your brand is unique.
  • There are no norms or etiquettes because this is an untapped platform with a young audience. So don’t feel afraid to try out new things with your content.
  • Don’t go straight for conversions. Instead, priority should be given to engagement. Once you’ve built up a fan base, you’ll be able to figure out how to direct them to your landing pages.
  • Increase trust by displaying your company’s human face.

You only have one ad type of testing all of these methods – the traditional in-feed video ad. You can handle campaigns in one of three ways: pay per click (CPC), pay per thousand impressions (CPM) or pay per video played (CPV). Currently, targeting possibilities include age, gender, geography, interests, and bespoke audiences.

Lead generation necessitates figuring out how to get people from TikTok to an external location, preferably your website or other owned media.

4. Create Long-Form Content in LinkedIn 

Just as Facebook is the Emperor of social media for B2C marketing, LinkedIn is the king of B2B marketing. According to a LinkedIn survey, around 94 percent of B2B marketers utilize LinkedIn to share their content.

LinkedIn is an excellent medium for generating B2B leads because it is firmly aimed at professionals. Typically, you should concentrate most of your efforts in the middle of the buyer’s cycle. This is primarily because the sales cycle is far more information-intensive and slower. In contrast, the buying decision is far more studied and deliberate.

Publishing your content using LinkedIn Pulse, where businesses may publish whole articles to LinkedIn, is perhaps the most effective method for gaining and nurturing prospects.

  • Long-form content on LinkedIn flourishes when you can:
  • Make eye-catching headlines
  • Create hyper-relevant content.
  • Use eye-catching imagery.
  • CTA should be visible.

You can use this with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to eliminate the major barrier to conversion: forms that must be filled out manually. Instead, when prospects click on your ad within the content, a form containing their LinkedIn profile data is instantly created. Then, they can submit it with a single click. In this manner, you can be certain of the lead data’s correctness and quality.

LinkedIn users take satisfaction in giving solutions to challenges that plague the corporate sector. Maintaining a strong B2B presence is critical for generating leads.

5. Use Twitter Cards to Make Yourself Stand Out on Twitter

It is significantly easier to generate leads with Twitter’s current 280-character restriction than it was in its previous 140-character limit.

You can use Twitter Cards to connect your branded photographs, videos, or other media content to assist drive visitors to your website. Social media marketers cheered when Twitter introduced promoted Cards as a medium for lead generation.

Before Twitter Card’s arrival, businesses were losing about successfully using Twitter to promote their brand messaging. So every time you log in, you’ll see promoted tweets near the top of your timeline.

Finally, a sponsored tweet should pique people’s curiosity without being overpowering. Twitter Cards may be your most powerful business buddy on the platform.

Be Social and “Lead” Your Customers On

Social media isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when looking for leads. However, all social networks are competing to outdo one another by providing businesses with deep insights into consumer behavior and intent – for a fee, of course.

Taking advantage of this opportunity does not necessitate a large portion of your marketing budget. With enough innovation in content and smart variations in bidding and targeting, you can reach your target audience across social media and persuade them that your product is the best solution.