The Impact of Reviews & How they Can Help to Boost your Sales and Business

Even if we live in a digital marketing era, we cannot overlook the importance of word-of-mouth. However, how does digital marketing relate to word-of-mouth? Have you heard of the term ‘online reviews’ before? I’m sure you have, and you might also know how word of mouth and online reviews are deeply connected.

Online reviews are the thoughts expressed by the general public, mainly about your company, business, its products and services. Today, we can see how we all shop has changed drastically since commercial companies converted from a traditional manner of selling things to an online and global approach. As a result, customer reviews on the internet or the so-called ‘online’ are now more crucial than ever. It’s a game-changer!

So, customer reviews are important. They could even be said to be the star of the customer journey.

However, if you’re curious about the impact of customer reviews on purchasing decisions, keep this in mind:

According to Dixa (a customer service software company u.k.-based), 93% of customers will check out online reviews before buying, with 47% spreading the word about a favourable experience and 95% shouting from the rooftops about a terrible experience.

The Fan & Fuels research also shows that customers want to see reviews on your products and services, but they also want to read the nitty-gritty details in your customer feedback Fan & Fuel research. For example, customers are interested in hearing about customer experiences and difficulties, how you’ve handled complaints, and whether or not the product or service lives up to your claims, among other things.

According to their findings, 97% of respondents stated customer evaluations influence their purchasing decisions. When there are no customer evaluations, 92% of shoppers are hesitant to purchase.

The Impact of Online Reviews: Positive vs Negative Reviews

Consumers nowadays rely on product reviews posted on your websites or other platforms to help them make purchasing decisions and create opinions about your company’s reputation. However, not all reviews are made equal, as we all know.

Positive Reviews

Positive 5-star reviews encourage potential clients to contact you since they feel more comfortable and assured about your company’s products or services. The more satisfied consumers you have who provide positive evaluations, the more others will purchase your goods.

According to the Local Consumer Review Survey, positive ratings help 73% of consumers trust a local business more.

Negative Reviews

Nobody enjoys a bad review, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that a company would be content with 0% negative feedback. However, we know that nothing is perfect, and a few less-than-perfect reviews can show customers that your company is open to hearing from all customers, happy and dissatisfied, to be entirely transparent.

“And remember, if you read nothing but gushing favourable reviews, it’s almost probably FAKE,” David Anderson, the creator of IHateWritingEssays, remarked. Even legal businesses can’t please everyone, so a complete lack of negative reviews should raise an early red flag.”

Boosting brand awareness

Your business image is everything, and online company reviews are one of the most important components in determining it. Online shoppers rely on, and trust reviews that they read online, and they play a key role in selecting whether or not they want to buy your product. Whether they acquire the notion from website reviews or other podiums, online consumers trust reviews that they read online.

Customer reviews that are more positive increase brand awareness and customer loyalty to your product, resulting in higher customer retention. As a result, the consumer is more likely to return, increasing sales and profits. Furthermore, discussing their opinions will encourage other purchasers to put their faith in your company.

More enhanced and better search engine results

Online reviews help you rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, in addition to boosting your relationship with your customers. In addition, positive online reviews attract traffic to your site, increasing your brand’s visibility in search engines.

The more people talk about your service/business/brand, the higher it will appear in search engine results, which will, in turn, inspire people to buy your items, resulting in increased sales and growth.

Suggestions and constructive criticism

Allowing clients to express their opinions, no matter how harsh the remarks may be, aids in correcting errors and improving weak areas of your business. It all boils down to how you handle bad web reviews. You can potentially transform a poor review into something beneficial if you take critical comments as genuine pieces of advice. Maintaining customers at the centre of your business plan in this customer-centric era is essential.


Online reviews are extremely beneficial to businesses. Whether positive or negative, assist companies in making positive changes, attracting clients, increasing conversion rates, promoting their brand, and taking that additional step to increase productivity and sales of your products and services. As a result, you should always pay close attention to your online reputation, public image, and brand awareness. To preserve your reputation and keep the juices flowing (more business/sales), you should always be on top of the game and remain at the top of the market. Consider registering with business and reputation-building platforms such as reputedfirms to earn a fortune while simultaneously improving your online and offline reputation.