Content Marketing: Easy Link Building Methods To Enhance Brand Authority

The paramount significance building links is one of the most demanding and often vital tricks in digital marketing and especially in SEO. Google has such great admiration for high-quality backlinks because they are the biggest factors which indicate whether the website is spatially authoritative or not.

Google can use website info (number of links pointing towards your website) to determine the viability and significance of your website on certain subjects through basic crowdsourcing.

So Why Is Building Links Seems Too Hard?

Over the years, Google’s algorithm has been manipulated by SEOs from around the world through black-hat link building tactics such as link farms and link buying. In addition, Google has established what trends arise from these techniques and has harshly punished websites that continue to use these methods.

As a result, websites now need to be creative with how they use different strategies which naturally lead to a higher volume of backlinks. However, there are several things to keep in mind when implementing the strategies for building links, including:

  • The difference between special referenced domains and backlinks
  • The value of link flow 
  • The power of digital PR

Focus On Unique Referring Domains

When you start Link building, your team might get tempted to hunt as many backlinks as possible, irrespective of where they originate. The initial few links may be beneficial; though, after a while, you’ll begin to see lower returns.

The explanation of why the crowdsourcing analogy is so helpful in illustrating this is simple: the more authoritative websites approve of the content of your website, the more Google would also consider your website as authoritative.

If you continue to receive backlinks from the same website over and over, Google might think you ‘re interested in dubious techniques and you might have a negative effect.

By aiming to increase unique referencing domains, you naturally go after links from a variety of websites instead, minimizing your risk of getting negatively affected by the algorithm of Google.

There are many websites which use aggregation methods for content, like Databox, from where you can get a link so easily. And through submitting your content in their website, you will not lose your authority as well. Because:

  • Databox is a genuinely trustworthy content source.
  • The number of links you get from them in return isn’t high enough for Google to flag them as a problem.

Why Linking Flow Is Crucial   

The link flow is known as the rate of flow of new backlinks into your website. To understand why link flow is important, you need to grasp the guidelines on Google’s E-A-T. E-A-T stands for expertise, authority and credibility.

To assess authority and reputation in your business, build new content that earns high volumes of high-quality ties. This continuous flow of content and links indicates that Google is:

  • You are involved in the sector and in the community.
  • Your authority is still being cosigned by other authoritative Websites.

A slow link flow can imply lost importance or reliability in your industry or over the internet as a whole. Keep creating relevant content and engage your audience actively in an ongoing effort to gain quality backlinks.

Digital PR And It’s Increasing Influence

Digital PR (public relations) is a cornerstone of digital marketing focused on media and public relations, thought leadership, and brand partnerships. While building links is not the main focus (or even secondary) goal of digital PR, it can be a pivotal tool for building connections.

One of its primary priority of digital PR is brand awareness, which may include engagement to relevant podcasts for a representative of a company to be a guest or pitch the digital media to cover a new business story. Most of the time the website will link back to the website when you, your business, or a subject expert at your company gets featured. 

These tactics do not directly impact your SEO goals, but if your website starts collecting backlinks from highly authoritative websites, it will dramatically increase your ability to rank for more difficult keywords.

Having the PR and Web Development department work hand-in-hand on digital projects is important. You need: For an effective strategy for digital PR:

  • A designer designing infographics and other marketing materials
  • A dedicated streamliner who is the PR Team face
  • A site strategist working hand in hand with the tool for building ties and connections

Tackling Other Tactics

Since link building may take a significant part of your time, think of innovative concepts that are easy to deliver on and efficient enough to make it worth your return.

I’ve broken down three data-backed link building strategies that have proven to establish brand credibility on a continual basis.

Thought Leadership

Think of all the blogs, newsletters or podcasts you are constantly reading, listening to, and referring to every day. It is Leadscribe, and SEMrush, for the Lead Generation and digital marketing blogs. It’s Mashable, Business Insider and Forbes for the general business blogs. In technology, it’s Extract, Meet A Developer and ReadWrite.

Unique Research

Several businesses are reporting that studies that span several verticals or sub-verticals. For example, content, social media, SEO, email, advertising, web strategy and market research would be for digital marketing. For each research report, they create unique infographics and make them highly shareable, with little to no friction.

Guest Posting

Guest blogging (or Guest posting) is the process of sharing content with or writing content on another page, aiming to receive a backlink in return. Companies use guest-posting techniques to deliver high-quality material on their industry-wide reputable publications. The posting of guests can also improve the organic reach of companies via SEO, social media and more. Overall, it helps make your brand more visible and shows that other companies also trust you to share their expertise. Think of it, they have enough confidence in you to share content on their own website.

Key Takeaways

Link building is one of the most important ranking factors in online advertising and always will be. Google maintains a high regard for quality backlinks and will continue to crack down on inorganic link-building schemes that “trick” their algorithms.

Creating communities who experience your content constantly will, at the very least, gradually link back to your website. Links to your website will be organically built to create relevant and unique content. Creation of mutual partnerships in the same room with other websites and exchange of information will help to build links for your website.

There are other simple link building strategies such as broken link building and brand mention outreach; however, these should not be the focus of the link building strategy.

Understanding the strength of partnership fundamentals and content marketing should prove to be of more benefit than anything else. Take advantage of the relationships you’ve established, and focus on building more down the road. Continue to provide interest to your target audience and partners that you work with, and connection building from here on would be smooth sailing.